Summer Reading Club

I don”t know what I did with all my childhood summers, but I can’t imagine I slept until noon and then watched TV or played unsupervised until dark. I need to ask my mom – but since I have a phobia about sleeping past 8:00 am, I’m betting she had something to do with it.

We have a pretty light summer “school” structure – we start our morning about 9:00 and end about noon. This includes showering, plant watering, laundry gathering/sorting and room straightening. I usually read aloud to the kids while they’re having breakfast, we’re reading The Bible for Children. They have about a half-hour of Spanish daily and Dad does math a couple of evenings a week. We visit the library on Monday afternoon and music lessons on Wednesday afternoon. Other than the occasional errand or field trip, their afternoons are spent playing.

We went to a homeschool picnic yesterday and Kathy gave me the idea to start a neighborhood reading club. When I came home, the kids and I discussed this and since they are always excited to have friends over – it seems more fun than educational to them. We’re going to meet for one hour, twice a week and at the end of each book have a “celebration”. Our first will be an ice cream sundae party.

I researched some books that I know my kids haven’t read that I thought would appeal to boys and girls, ages 9-12 and picked three. Our first will be “Rules” by Cynthia Lord. Last night I created a handout and the kids passed them out. 4 of our neighbors have already returned their signed forms – we are having to work around a couple of camps – but if there is interest we will accommodate. It’s not much, but will hopefully add a teeny bit of structure and educational fun to the dog days of summer!


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