Bear with me – I’ll explain in a bit.
Lexi had a cooking class yesterday. She loves recipes and we thought this would be fun. Look at what they prepared and ate!When we got home, I found this:
It appears my precious, sedentary DOG decided to get on the table and dance on my laptop. The key tops to A, X, J, K, and L are completely ripped off. The I, C and S keys are dislodged. I am typing on it now but it is frustrating. I ordered a new keypad yesterday. A sentence ooks likke this without eccessve bsckspscing to fix. So IIIIIIIIII may not post much. Hsppy Fsther’s Dy!


One response to “Grumbling

  1. I think dogs nation wide are on a rampage. Our schnauzer at THREE library books and one of my shoes. Poor thing is screaming for attention!

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