Homeschool Highschool

The topic of this week’s Homeschool Minute is homeschooling your highschooler. I admit, Keith and I have discussed this and our cop out is “well, by then all the basics will be covered and they can integrate back into public school in 9th grade”. It scares us, and I’ve also worried that my kids will “miss out”.

When I sit back and analyze what they are “missing” all I have to compare to is my high school experience. Truly, there isn’t a lot I’d want them to duplicate. I look at the social interaction – and much of it isn’t beneficial to raising our kids. Contrary to popular belief, most homeschooled children are not sheltered. They live and learn in the “real world”. They have relationships with people of all ages – all hours of the day. Their daily influences aren’t from 25 same-aged children on the playground or those who dominate the classroom. We are involved in our community, our church, our family (near and far) and with friends whose relationships we cherish.

We aren’t raising a bunch of sheep that will be fed to the wolves. We are raising shepherds who will help guide and protect the sheep. And I really can’t imagine it any other way.

THM Editor

As time goes on, my comfort level with teaching my children increases. My confidence is reinforced when I work with them and know they are learning. My heart is happy because I know their life is rich and full of opportunity. I’m convinced they aren’t missing anything that is important to their childhood or their life potential.


One response to “Homeschool Highschool

  1. Yes, you can successfully home school though high school! As I’ve said before, I just graduated my first!

    However, I would begin to research NOW for areas that may require help. For example, we have a Mom who actually wrote the Apologia Marine Biology curriculum. She LOVES to do science and invites home school kids to do science along with her children. GREAT!

    I found a gal at our church who actually [shudder] loves algebra. She tutored my son, and has tutored my daughter through high school algebra. Thank God! LOL She also taught Spanish I and II to both of them.

    Both have joined a former home school mom in English composition classes in her home. My son had an A in Freshman Comp I at the community college because of these courses (more on that).

    Classes in other homes give me objectivity. How are they really doing? How do they handle a classroom setting? Of course, they’re not with only their age group in these classes, which is a bonus. We have also done co-ops for World History and American History for high school.

    Lastly, look into dual enrollment at your community colleges. My son did this and received high school credit as well as college credit. The classes he took were US Government, Freshman Composition I, Student Success, and Intermediate Algebra. It was a great experience, and now he will be a RETURNING student in the fall rather than a new student. This is helpful for getting into classes.

    Again, more than you wanted to know!

    Oh, and you also have the option of home schooling, but taking special classes at your designated high school (such as science, math, band, sports, etc). There are SO many options available for home schoolers in high school!


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