The Curves

Lexi is playing for a city league softball team this summer, sponsored by CURVES. The league is very laid back, all the girls bat and rotate positions after 2 innings. A huge change from the aggressive, trophy winning team she’s played with in the past. Lexi starts out playing second base, she enjoys playing, but I get a little frustrated when I have higher expectations of the girls than they have been coached to do. This team is in it for the joy of playing, having fun and if they learn a little softball, that’s a bonus. My brain (and my voice) is struggling with the contrast. Did you hear me last night? “TAG THE BASE!!!!!!!!” Finally happened, 3rd out, inning over, girls had no clue why. LOL


One response to “The Curves

  1. Awwww. . .thanks Kim, and back at ya!

    LOVE the pink uniforms. My Kelly is going to play softball in the spring. I pray our experience will be as great as Lexi’s!

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