Crazy Daze

Lexi has been in a Y camp this week – 2 hours each morning of scrapbooking. She loves anything crafty and was excited to cut, glue and decorate. Each day she shared something new she had learned about scissors or punches. I have all the tools she mentioned, but I realize I’ve never given Lexi much instruction on various uses. Probably lots of little opportunities like this hanging around.

She went to a Club Libby Lu birthday party for her friend Julia last night. They glittered, painted fingernails, had their hair up do’d and starred in their own fashion show. Keith, Nicholas and I met up with the party girls for pizza afterward. It was a nice evening. Here’s the little girl we brought home:

Yesterday I tried to stay focused and on task. My goal was to finish and launch my new website for Chickabloom Web Design. This morning about 1:00 it was finally ready to publish. I will set up a single web page, business website, MySpace layouts and make customized graphics. For small businesses, having a presence on the internet is an efficient and economical way to grow. I’ve also set up a referral credit plan and link share program.

In addition to my creative energy above, I took Lexi to and from camp, put out a fire in my kitchen, had reading club, went to dinner with friends and visited on the phone with both big girls! Whew, today I may nap – after laundry, vacuuming and seeing if I can get Lexi to comb out her now slept-on hair do.


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