I know, the greens are wrong. I wanted to change one little thing and accidentally changed several. So, like mismatched socks, my page is going to clash for a couple of days. Ok, I had a few minutes so I fixed those hideous greens! Now it’s just about right!!

We’re leaving tonight for Oklahoma – be back on Monday. It is my niece’s birthday – and my nephew plays for the Oklahoma Travelers, so we’ll have a weekend of family and fun.

Gelnar – #28 – (one on left!)

When I return, I’ll mess with the greens. I’m just glad it wasn’t orange. I hate orange, and would have probably had to sit here all day figuring out where the code was buried. See, I’m obsessive and just couldn’t leave it undone!! Do you have those obsessive tendencies? Or is it just me.

Have a great weekend.


One response to “Redecorating

  1. Is that a photo? It looks like a Norman Rockwell painting!

    My obsessive tendency is to make sure the doors are locked before bed. Then I forget and have to go check them again.

    Good thing I do, because sometimes someone will take the dog out and not lock the door!

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