Home again, home again….

Ughhhh, it is a LONG way to Oklahoma and back in a 3 day trip. We left on Friday after Keith got home from work. I packed sandwiches so we didn’t have to take an hour to stop and eat. We have been following the rain stories in Oklahoma and Texas, but weren’t really prepared for the water (and mosquitoes!) everywhere. We got to OKC about 2:00 AM and exited the interstate to get to Lori’s house. About 5 miles up the state highway, the road was closed North and West. We turned around and went west the next open road. It was a huge zig zag through the country to get to her house. What usually takes about 20 minutes took us about an hour. Roads and bridges were washed out – or there was high water standing.

The birthday had to be moved inside and J’s baseball games were canceled. This was the record 18th consecutive day of rain – and it was still raining off and on. Sunday we did see sunshine! It was a nice visit with family – we spent what was left of Friday night and Saturday night with Lori and Sunday night with Kaci. Monday we made the 9+ hour drive home, stopped for take-out pizza and crashed.

Lexi had fun changing roly poly Kelsey’s clothes, after sorting through all the choices!!Me? I just enjoy the snuggles. I didn’t even get pics with Kali and Braden – but I did get my hugs and kisses in!


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