Sunday Ramblings

We’re home from church – and some things clicked in my brain. Two some things actually.

1 – that it’s easy to be a Christ follower when everything is going great. When everyone is healthy and we have enough money to exceed our “needs” and tinker a little in our “wants”, I can be an enthusiastic believer. However when life throws a curve ball and I struggle with the “whys” – I tend to doubt and pull away. When I need God the most, I tend to believe less. Now that’s just nuts.

Although my life has been exceedingly blessed, when I look backwards at specific difficulties, it’s vivid to me the difference when I turned to God and when I turned my back. I can feel joy in those hard times that God helped me through – and I have still have second thoughts, doubts and guilt about the things I struggled with on my own. I need to stop wondering “why” – and accept God’s arms around me through the journey.

This may not make a bit of sense to anyone else, but it was an eye-opener to me. Now to continue to move forward with this nugget of knowledge. Did you already know all this? Do How come no one told me? I need to listen more.

2 – Relationships. I already knew this. But hearing it in church brought it home to me again. Relationships are what bind us together as human beings. I am sadly lacking in building new relationships in my new town / church. I need to work on that.


Lexi and I are going to the stage production of “High School Musical” today at our local college SIUE. It features a cast of 36, including five local high schoolers and 29 college-age actors who are still young enough to appear as high schoolers and also two older adults.

The story was originally targeted for “tweens – but I’ve noticed it has captured the attention of the 7-12 year olds as well. My 9 year old knows every song and has been excited for days. She told me “Mom, this is like Grease was for you in the old days”. Arghhh!! I’m the mom who makes my kids listen to Elvis so they don’t ever say “Who?”. old days, grumble, grumble Thank goodness I learned some groupie concert skills following Ace last summer, I’ll show her! old days…

The press release says this:

The story revolves around Troy Bolton, East High’s basketball top jock who happens to be a pretty good singer, and Gabriella Montez, a science whiz who also loves to sing. But, each of them hold back from their dream of performing because of peer pressure. The story sends a wholesome message about being true to ourselves and following our hearts to achieve our dreams.

Nicholas and Keith are going to see Harry Potter on the big screen.

Hope you have a great Sunday!


One response to “Sunday Ramblings

  1. I can definitely identify, but for me I pull back in hard times because life has taught me to rely on myself. God wants us to rely on Him! I’m thinking He doesn’t want to be “bothered,” and He’s thinking of all the “bother” I go through as I struggle on my own.

    It’s taken a lot to realize He wants me, ALL of me, ALL the time.

    Have a great time at the musical!

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