Avocado anyone?


Between chauffeuring the kids to camp (Lexi tumbling, Nicholas basketball), I got started on the darker of the greens. My job is to paint 2″ from the ceiling, the corners and all around the edges and sometimes my paintbrush just does stupid tricks and paints wherever. Then Keith steps in and rolls on all the middle part all nice and smooth – and covers my “art”. It’s still wet and looks like an oiled avocado at this point, but I think I like it. And yes, I use the swimming pool ladder to reach the high places. It’s sturdy and easy to keep your balance.

I’m still trying to decide whether to paint the door. Thoughts?


3 responses to “Avocado anyone?

  1. Ok, I’m torn on painting the door. The fact that we see the other two doors and they’re natural comes into play, plus the fact that the trim is a stain.

    I don’t think I would paint the door avocado, but I don’t know! Is it a metal door, or could you (GULP) strip it and give it a more natural finish to match the other two? Or you could paint the trim and other doors white to tie it in with the ceiling and brighten the room even more, but I do so love a wood stain.

    Note from the painter’s wife of 21 years. Get that tape off immediately. You should take it off while the paint’s still wet, even.

    Are you going to keep going with the avocado? I can see some around a fixture by your hubby’s head, and some in the upper right of the picture (I TOLD you, I’m a painter’s wife!).

    You guys did a fantastic job!

  2. You could paint the door the colour of an avacado pit? LOL. Just kidding. I am horrible with stuff like that so no suggestions. But the avacado green is pretty!

  3. I had the same problem when I painted my entry way. The hot water heater closet door is in our entryway, and it’s brown…our paint is a lighter shade of what you chose and from halfway down is a plaid paper~ with a brown molding in between. The back of our door is white. It’s metal, though, so we don’t have many options. I think it will look fine being white. I *loooooove* the color, by the way. It’s bold and it’s just one of my favorite colors! In fact, I just bought all new living room furniture in a shade of sage. 🙂 It’s being delivered tomorrow!!!!

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