Winterpromise Travels

I’m getting the loose ends tied up to start school on August 20. We’re spending next week in Oklahoma visiting family and friends – a much needed break. I’m really pleased how everything seems to flow together, but the test will be making it happen. I tend to obsess pay close attention to the little details and have unrealistically high expectations.

One part I’ve struggled with is making country cards. The front side is a simple drawing of the continent, the kids highlight the specific country we’re studying. The back has fill in the blank information about the country. Ideally you put side one through the copier, flip everything a certain way, hold your tongue just right and you’re supposed to be able to cut on the dotted line and have a FRONT and BACK. The TOP and BOTTOM should be at the same end on both sides. Anyway, a ream of paper later, I still have no suitable country cards. We’re also supposed to make a Passport to log the countries we pass through on our homeschooling journey.
I came across this Mead Handwriting Journal It has a heavier cardboard cover that we should be able to redecorate. Adapting it to utilize the country card idea, I’m going to copy the FRONT of the card on 3×3 labels in black and white, let the kids affix them in the blank top half of their journal, and then write the country information on the remaining lines. They can also draw the flag of the country or make some way to “stamp” it as our Passport. Hopefully this slight variation will work fine, contain the kid’s work and provide us a keepable memento.


3 responses to “Winterpromise Travels

  1. I love your solution to the country cards! That notebook looks GREAT! I’d like to find some of those.

    I enjoyed reading your enthusiasm over getting new books. I was surprised that you let the kids look at them! I hide them away so they are fresh and new, but then again, I have no library to add to the collection.

    Yes, I’ve posted on the WP forum. And I’d be glad to send you some Goodies in the mail when you study Asia/China.

  2. Oooh!!!! I LOVE the passport idea!

    We’re doing a pretty heavy focus on Geography this year. I’ll have her notebooking, but the passport idea would be their “entrance” into the new country! Thank you!

  3. That’s brilliant!

    I haven’t given much though to how i’m going to process all of the paper crafts in CATW. I thought I’d make a passport photo album and have the kids make ATCs rather than notebooking pages, but now I’m wondering if I should just get a three-ring binder and let them do the notebooking as intended. Or make it a larger passport. Or get real passports that week as a family project. Hm…

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