More than most want to know

I decided to share this after the e-mails I received about my anemia infusion. It may be TMI for most, but I felt a responsibility to share. Thanks to you who sent prayers!
Answer 1 – It is common to have malabsorbtion after WLS. I had Gastric Bypass (RNY) on 3/1/2001. My problem was evident the end of the first year, after trying multiple remedies with my PCP and my surgeon. They referred me to a hematologist and we started the infusions then. Initially we hoped a 1 time treatment would replenish my iron stores, but that has not been the case. He had me regain 25 lbs to maintain my body heat (I am always cold), but my iron infusions are now a yearly event. My birthday is in August, so I celebrate with my iron infusion, pap, mammogram and dental checkup!

Answer 2 – Yes, monthly cycles make it worse. I’ve put off a hysterectomy for 3 years now, thinking they would end on their own. No such luck. This week I need to make a decision to have it or an ablation done.

Answer 3 – I don’t know of anyone who has had gastric bypass OR remained morbidly obese who doesn’t have any health issues. The iron (to me) is a small price to pay to be a normal size and be rid of the overweight problems. My doctors say there in no reason it would escalate to anything more serious.

There is no guarantee what each body may encounter, so the decision and responsibility is yours to know the risks. I have low iron, can’t eat a whole hamburger, have some flabby skin and must control my sugar intake. I no longer have sleep apnea, wear a size 24, have any sign of diabetes, no elevated enzymes damaging my liver, and my joints don’t ache from carrying the pounds. You can read my whole story on my website me for the password to the site, I don’t mind sharing it, but don’t want it published for the world to stumble upon).

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

This is my sobering entrance to the treatment center. It is an instant reminder of my friends and family who have battled cancer – and makes me thoughtful and thankful.I get set up with an IV. Yesterday my veins weren’t cooperative and they had to use the crook of my arm. They do a 10 minute test run, then bring out the big bag. That black stuff is the iron. Because I’ve had a slight reaction to benadryl, we used Atavan and a steroid yesterday. It worked great. I was relaxed and no reaction whatsoever. This is how I spend the next six hours of the day – the book is for show. I snooze mostly! The effects are worn off by the time the bag is empty and I’m released to go!Then I went to Starbucks for a coffee, to get some sushi, stopped at the grocery and went to Lori’s and made Marlboro Man’s sandwiches, new potatoes and brownies. And – I felt HOT for the first time in months! LOL, it’s only 105 degrees outside, but the hoodie is already off!


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