The 60’s

Lori and I took Lexi to see Hairspray last night. It is an upbeat and fun movie that had us laughing out loud and wishing we knew the words to sing along. John Travolta is my all time favorite actor, but the true star of Hairspray was the chubby, happy Nikki Blonsky. A great cast of characters, heartwarming but edgy racial story line, and super music and dancing. We loved it!

I laughed and shuddered when Tracy said “Every day should be Negro Day!”. I grew up with the racial stereo types and prejudices of the South, but don’t remember actual segregation. I don’t want to go back to those times, but I’d love to revisit the true innocence of that era – see a little break-out dancing and rock and roll singing – at the MALL, or while doing DISHES! Remember when Elvis would be just driving down the road in his convertible and suddenly burst into song? It was conversation, baby!

Ahhhh, those were the days. I miss my headscarf. And my 45s.


3 responses to “The 60’s

  1. we took laken to see that last week! catchy tunes! in fact, laken bought the soundtrack last night…send me your address if you want and we’ll send lexi a copy to surprise her!

  2. Got to love it. My cousin just coreographed the play Hairspray. We have yet to see it… sounds fun.


  3. momof3feistykids

    I am looking forward to seeing Hairspray; I am waiting for it to come out on DVD. 🙂

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