Honey Do

Last night was “date night” – the kids had an activity from 5:30-11:00, so Keith took me to dinner and then, sweetie that he is, took me to Barnes & Noble for a coffee and browsing to my heart’s content. Doesn’t get any better (in public) than that! I bought 2 books:

1. Skinny Bitch – a book about dieting that is written with such off-color language and blunt sarcasm it’s made even me blush. But it outlines some facts that make me want to make some immediate changes in our diet. If you’re not too easily offended, get this book!

2. Mercy by Jodi Picoult – I think this is the last book by Jodi Picoult on my must-read list. I don’t have time to devote to it right now, so it is going to be my bedtime ONLY book.

This morning SEX was the sermon topic at Lifepoint. Not the marketed image of sex, but the facets involved in honoring God in our intimate relationship with our spouse. Our kids are 9 and 10.5 and we need to begin some open dialog with them.

Today we have a list of things to get underway. We have the 2 bookshelves to put together, a wall to tape/bed/paint so we can install shelving & a light fixture to put up (school room), stickers made for our passport books, MathUSee to review with hubby so I can work it into our schedule, and general housekeeping that has gotten piled up. So….I’m off to Office Max for some more labels and a couple of binders, then home to comfy clothes and WORK.

Tomorrow is Back-To-School for the LadyBug Family. I’ll include pictures and commentary about our experiences. Our curriculum is “Winterpromise – Children Around The World. Take a minute to read the philosophy we share for educating our children.
Happy Sunday!


One response to “Honey Do

  1. Let me know how Mercy is. I just finished up the Tenth Circle and wasn’t all that impressed. I’m reading Nineteen Minutes this next week during our vacation in the mountains. 🙂

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