Day 1 & 2

The first 2 days went pretty good – and the kids were happy. I felt a little disorganized with all the books used, so I’ve decided to look at the week as a whole. IF we can do all of one book’s lesson at one sitting (the introduction and the activity, etc) then I’m planning to consolidate, rather than stretch if over the whole week. We have plenty of time, our day so far has been 8:30-noon, then the kids have some independent work, Spanish, music lessons and their Y activities during various afternoons of the week. I think it will flow better for us.

Here is our daily schedule outline:

We’re reading “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” and the kids don’t want me to stop. I’ve decided to complete the chapter and alternate reading days between that and “George Mueller”. While I’m reading, the kids do art, usually drawing, but they had glue out today.

I read a chapter from The Children’s Bible each morning and during that time the kids complete or review their prayer journal – which includes things they choose to pray for, acknowledging their prayers that are answered and things they are thankful for. We got a free journal from Focus on the Family called Kids Praying for Kidsand it works wonderfully.

Keith is slipping home before lunch on Monday and Wednesday to do math. Tuesday and Thursday the kids have practice work.

Part of the kid’s “homework” includes planning the Friday celebration. This week we’re preparing a family favorite dinner and playing a game. In the book “Material World” many countries are featured in photographs with their most valuable possessions. We are going to take pictures of our treasures to share as well.


3 responses to “Day 1 & 2

  1. Great to hear about your first few days at school!!! I am working on having the student planner out that I created by the end of the week… I’ll let you know when I have it available for download.

    Your schedule looks great!!!


  2. Love your schedule page! Fantastic!

    Glad your first two days went well. . . here, too. I was worried I wouldn’t have time to teach Glenna (ha ha) except for Thursdays, but today we went to the library from 12:45 to 2:25 while Kelly was in art class. We both got so much done! Bonus was being at the library to research anything, instantly! It will be our Tuesday activity now.

  3. PS, I ordered Material World. Should be here any day now! Was it you I have to thank for the suggestion?

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