Week 1

We finished all of Week 1, except for the CeLeBrATIon!! And since the first country we’ve visited in our yearlong journey is right at home, our celebration will include our evening tradition of a sit-down family meal, a special dessert and we will play some games together. The kids have put together a menu and tomorrow they will help create our meal.Today they gathered their “Material World” precious possessions and we took pictures. They want Dad & Mom to include theirs, so I’ll get those pictures tonight.

In their science work today, they mined the earth (a chocolate chip cookie) for whole treasures (chocolate chips). The bounty for a whole chip was $500, but there were penalties for scarring or chipping off chunks of land. They have heard the news about the trapped miners, so we stopped and discussed the benefits of mining, as well as the risks and responsibilities.

We love Grammar Rock, Noun Hounds, and the books written by WinterPromise creator Karen Brooks called Children of Many Lands and the Travel Diary. Love, love, love these items! Our map is still in transit, and I fully expect we’ll love it too!!


One response to “Week 1

  1. Congrats for finishing week 1! Way to go, Mom!

    We just received Material World in the mail. Glenna can’t keep her hands off it. I’m making her wait and go through it with me (heh heh).

    By the way, LOVE the passport idea.

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