I go through a planning/scheduling/organizing crisis about twice a year. I’ve used various planners, with some too detailed and others not enough room to plan. I’ve used compact, classic, standard, purse size, pocket size, Franklin, Day-Timer and a desk top size calendar.

I found a nice planner that has the month at a glance, it is small enough to fit in my purse, has room for me to make my notes and places for critical info I might need when out of the house. It is called BizziMom Planner – and from now until the end of August they are offering a special FREE 2007 planner if you subscribe to their newsletter. I did this and got mine in the mail today. It is the smaller size, but I plan to order the larger 2008 version when it is available.

If you need a planner, please check out Tammy’s business: Bizzimom Planners

We’re putting together our evening meal. Lexi just took her cake out of the oven, they’ve peeled potatoes and are anxiously awaiting getting the chicken ready. For now, they are playing chess to pass the time and I’m writing in my PLANNER! Will update tomorrow with pictures.


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