Material World

As part of our studies, we’re looking at countries and cultures around the world. One of our books, Material World, A Global Family Portrait, captures one family to represent an average family in each of the 30 countries featured. Looking at the possessions, the dress and the faces has fascinated my kids. “What? Not all kids have a Wii? We’re not deprived?”.

We decided to gather some of our most precious possessions and take our own “material world” picture. I didn’t let them drag our stuff out in the cul de sac, but we each chose our belongings (pretend there was a fire), we eliminated people and pets as choices (they’re not possessions) and we posed before our goods.Lexi chose the pictures of her nieces and nephew, her baby “Bitty” that she’s had since she was born, her new CD sent by Megan and Laken (Hairspray) and her poster of High School Musical.
Nicholas picked his new Harry Potter book, his guitar, a stuffed monkey from babyhood, a metal car (was his bio-dads) and a Big Ben bank brought to him from London by family friend Marilynn. I gathered some scrapbooks and family pictures, my laptop, my Bible, a few favorite books and my planner. My load would be heavy, so I made sure I wore my wedding rings and my OU t-shirt, just in case. Dad’s motorcycle was his most treasured possession.

One response to “Material World

  1. Wow~~~ I never realized that the Big Ben bank would mean that much to Nicholas. I’m impressed!! Tell him thanks for me!!

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