Back to the Real World

What a wonderful visit we had in Oklahoma. It turned out the girls planned a SURPRISE for my birthday. What I thought was a Labor Day weekend with Lori & Kaci’s families and my friend Sydney and son Lane, turned into a wonderful party including my mom, brother and his family and dear friend Tamara and her son Chayton. My sister lost her mother- in-law earlier in the week and wasn’t able to attend, but she called and sent gifts! The kids decorated huge chocolate chip cookies, we ate sushi and cheesecake, and there was food everywhere.

I can’t imagine a better 50th celebration! We went on a canoe trip down the Illinois River on Sunday. It took several hours and the weather was perfect. Great-grandma stayed home with the youngest, Kelsey, 8 months, but the rest of us braved the rapids!

So, after a week of turning 50 and getting gifts, calls and attention, it’s back to the real world. School, working on the basement, putting my new tile saw to use and having a cup of coffee in my new Keurig! I have money to spend, some pretties to use, and a Barnes & Noble gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Life is good. Thank you God for such wonderful children, family and friends.


2 responses to “Back to the Real World

  1. Kim, how wonderful! What an amazing time! Happy Birthday again!

    Oooh, I would have spent that B&N card 40 different ways before I even went into the store.

  2. Mother Crone's Homeschool

    Hapy Birthday, my dear! It sounds wonderful, and truly deserved. You look awesome!

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