I received my much awaited world map last week – and the tube it was mailed in had been bent in half. Carefully removing the map, I was disappointed to find it had irreparable creases right down the middle. I contacted Winterpromise and they are sending me another one. They are backlogged as it is, so this wait is extra frustrating for me.

Because the post office obviously damaged this tube, I completed the damaged package claim and took it to the post office today. I should have known there would be no responsibility on the part of the USPS – because unless we purchased additional insurance, they aren’t liable. I can see insuring extraordinary value – but it seems to me if they smash it, they pay for it.

Too many years in customer service at FedEx for me to understand this type of attitude. I recall booking a charter airplane to get an overlooked critical package from OKC to ABQ one time. I remember being on the phone half the night ensuring each leg of the trip was successful and keeping the customer informed at each turn. It was just the way we took care of business.

Today I got a “sorry, you should have bought insurance, see ya, NEXT!!” Arghhh.


2 responses to “Venting!

  1. Grrrr. . .what is it with people not willing to accept responsibility? It must have been pretty hard to bend that tube!

  2. I am the same way with magazines, photos, posters… I like things in mint condition. Ironing helps, but it doesn’t take out all the wrinkles.
    Hope you can work with the map anyway… sorry it happened. I feel your pain.

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

    Have a great day!


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