Bonjour! This week, we visited France. The kids researched The Louvre, the Tour De France and The Eiffel Tower, then shared interesting facts. Did you know the bicycle race is 2500 miles long? Or that they repaint the Eiffel Tower every 5 years using 50 tons of paint?
We went downtown to a French bakery and sampled croissants. Yesterday we made French toast for breakfast and we plan to make a French pasta dish next week.

More of our pictures are here: Children Around The World – Week 7

Other links we enjoyed:
Global Trek – France

I mentioned earlier Lexi is wanting to learn to sew. I made up a simple bag design, cotton lined with flannel, that she cut out and stitched together, using the fringy “seam on the outside” ragged style. Once she got her pedal speed under control, she worked on keeping the seam lined up and her stitches neat. I passed on the lessons from my grandmother: to stay stitch, clip her threads and press her seams while she goes. We are leaving in about an hour for Branson, where we will spend the weekend on the roller coasters and fat food at Silver Dollar City. We won’t be home until Monday and I’m leaving my laptop at home! Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget:

3 responses to “France

  1. Cute bag! I just learned to use a sewing machine a few years ago.

  2. Lovin’ the bag, girl!

    Kim, what does the Boomer Sooner mean? Is that some kind of midwest thing?

  3. Mrs, Mrs…Boomer Sooner is the fight song for THE University of Oklahoma! It’s a National Championship thing! (actually does have historical Oklahoma roots though!)

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