I’ve been a bit discouraged and concerned lately about making friends since our move to Illinois.
  • First, we’re in a new place.
  • Second, we’re not in the fertile field of kids called “public school”.
  • Third, I’m reluctant to get too involved and committed because we travel back and forth to Oklahoma frequently.
  • Fourth, Illinois just doesn’t seem as warm and welcoming to me.
The whole “socialization” perception also weighs on me, although I know my kids are integrated in many activities and kid settings. In addition to church, music lessons, YMCA group fitness, gymnastics, dance, and library activities, we have a healthy neighborhood of kids. The 8 hours they would be exposed to 24 other kids in a classroom is really not a factor.

To find another child who is emotionally, intellectually, and chronologically matched to our child, within the same geographical area is frankly, selling your child’s uniqueness short!

This is a snippet of a post about Friendship, on Angela’s blog, Mother Crone’s Homeschool. After reading her insightful words, I felt much calmer and more satisfied with where we are. It’s written from a homeschool perspective, but applies to all children – and adults as well. Friendship is something to cherish – and I’m thankful to have several of these special women in my life.


5 responses to “Friendship

  1. Hi Kim!

    For my daughter’s 5th birthday, there were 5 year olds, 10-12 year olds, teens, and two married couples. These were the FRIENDS she invited, and they all came because Glenna’s their friend!

    I agree with your post 100%!

  2. I agree too. My middle son has always related better to children about 3 years old than himself. In school, he was forced to be with only those his age…or close. Now, since homeschooling, he hangs out with the children that he wants to when we get together with our homeschool group as well as at church and other functions. It’s helped him grow a lot socially.
    I think that a few really good friends is better than trying to make to many friends. I have a hard time finding time to nurture the relationships of my closets friends…it takes work.
    Loved the post.

  3. Great post! People need to read more of these types of posts often.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. I am so glad the post helped you. It must be a difficult transition moving to a different state. Thank goodness for the internet…so that you can grow friendships across the miles!

  5. I’m your friend đŸ˜‰

    We moved several times when my older son was a baby. I found it very hard to find friends when I knew we weren’t staying around for long. The people I know now are ones I met through my kids’ school days, work, and church. I can’t say anyone is my best friend, though. I find it hard to form close friendships with all the distractions of work and then taking care of a home and family. Just doesn’t seem like enough time to culitivate something.

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