Homeschool Killer

The news this week caught my attention. “HOME SCHOOLED BOY ARRESTED IN COLUMBINE-STYLE ATTACK PLOT”. It was on every news station, making me wonder what kind of situation would incite this horrific action. Not that HOME SCHOOLED kids are incapable, but I was willing to wager it had more to do with SCHOOL accentuated by some issues at HOME, but little to do with the practice of HOME SCHOOLING. (and we spell it homeschool, spellcheck be damned)Sure enough, this young man was a victim of being bullied at SCHOOL. He was removed from that environment 18 months ago. He’s 14, so he spent 6.5 years in a hostile environment. I’d like to be a fly on the wall to witness the supervision, education, parental involvement he experienced this last year and a half of being homeschooled. I’m not a betting woman, but…..

While there is NO EXCUSE, there are explanations for kids who turn to violence to address their problems. If I were to affix responsibility, I’d look at the adults who should be actively involved in their children’s lives. Who was monitoring his computer use? Who checked his MySpace. Who taught him spelling? (I looked at his MySpace – and guess no one). Who encouraged this over-indulgence of weapon obsession? This kid did the deed, he’ll pay the price. It is a shame, but it has nothing, nada to do with being HOME SCHOOLED. Bottom line, he wasn’t schooled at all, in the basic elements of living this life. Adults failed him.

These are interesting snippets from the articles I read:

At a news conference yesterday announcing the “thwarted Columbine-style attack” on Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School, Montgomery County district attorney Bruce Castor addressed the media in front of giant oak table covered with the 14-year-old suspect’s “cache” of weapons — most of which, it turns out, were merely authentic-looking air guns and BB rifles.By way of contrast, the Montco boy had one real gun in his possession — a 9mm carbine for which he had no ammo. The seven “grenades” he was putting together were apparently toy plastic shells with BBs and black powder — more likely to have hurt the boy himself than any bystanders had they been lit. And, granted, you could do some very serious eye damage with the quantity of the air guns he had stashed away, but he’d have been hard pressed to kill a raccoon with any of them, let alone dozens of people.

The 14-year-old former Colonial School District student arrested yesterday after police found weapons in his home was plotting to “take revenge on society,” because he saw himself as the victim of bullying, Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. said yesterday.

Neighborhood children said that the boy, when he was in sixth grade, had been harassed by other students because of his weight, said Sally Black, a school district resident and an assistant professor of health services at St. Joseph’s University who is an expert on youth violence. The boy’s parents decided to home-school him 18 months ago.

“My understanding is that students mumbled nasty names about his weight as they walked past his desk,” Black said, referring to what she learned from his classmates.

Truth doesn’t sell as well as hyped headlines. A shame.

3 responses to “Homeschool Killer

  1. When I saw it I got the impression he had been taken out of school but not schooled. Does that make sense? Like he had been withdrawn but his parents were just keeping him home. It’s always something though.

  2. I thought the same thing when I read it. His problems stemmed from the same problems as all of the children who shoot schools up…or attempt to. They are all bullied and have no adults to save them. Yes, he was taken out of school to be “homeschooled”, but it seems to me that taking him out of school was as far as it got. He wasn’t saved, but thank God that all of the children who may have been shot were saved!!! I feel sorry for this child…at the same time, I am so grateful that he didn’t get the chance to do what he was planning.
    You would think that all of these bullies in school would think twice about doing it with all of the teased children fighting back like this, but it is still going on…everyday….everywhere!

  3. This is really close to us, so we are getting a lot more local media coverage on it. It irks me to no end that this boy is being called homeschooled, as he was on more of a homebound instruction due to bullying at school. No therapy was part of the change…HELLO??!! Let me just sit an angry kid alone in front of a computer, to let that hostility toward his attackers grow in the vacuum his life now was without some positive replacement! Stupid parents, stupid system.

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