St Louis Science Center

We spent Saturday visiting the St Louis Science center – primarily to tour the Body Worlds exhibit. No pictures were allowed of the actual bodies, so we purchased a postcard to put in our scrapbook. If you have the chance to see this, I’d encourage you check it out. If you could couple it with an anatomy study or review, even better. We were amazed at the complex structure of the human body. Even Lexi was glad she went.Before and after, we romped through the other features of the science center. It was crowded, so the kids and I are planning a return trip on a weekday. Our science study right now is Planet Earth, so there are some great exhibits we can dig into.

We ate dinner on the water at Landry’s. Nicholas ordered yet another birthday cake dessert. We were stuffed and tired!Click this link for pictures of our day at the Science Center.

Linda – there is just one picture of me in this bunch, sorry! We’re truly not just a family of three – mom really does exist. Perhaps just to capture all these wonderful memories??


2 responses to “St Louis Science Center

  1. Hee hee! I see you!

  2. Thanks Linda! This time of year reminds me of our escapades in WB. “Tunnel” vision!

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