My real American Idol

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A fun card I sent my granddaughter. We love to watch American Idol. I typically don’t vote, but 2 seasons ago, I just adored Ace, so I enlisted my family to help me vote. I actually bribed Kali with a Barbie doll to vote for Ace Young – and she used her vote for him instead of Kevin Covais (Chicken Little). Kevin was voted off that night and this Nana was in the doghouse. I was eventually redeemed. We were all impressed with Ace’s love for kids. He made a point to pay special attention to the little ones.


3 responses to “My real American Idol

  1. We liked him too!!

  2. I miss him so much it hurts inside!! Love those pictures – still! Especially the goofy one 🙂

  3. Prayers to you and safe travel today!

    Cute card!

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