On The Road Again

Yesterday we got up early. I had an appointment to have ultrasounds for my upcoming surgery. THEN I went to my dentist for what I thought was reseating of a crown I’ve had problems with. The deadening lady came in and I was alarmed. She looked at my chart and said “You’re scheduled for root canals on 4 and 6, plus crown prep.” Great! Colonoscopy, Hysterectomy, Root Canals. I commented to Kaci last night I had no bodily openings left and she said “What about your ears?” Awkkkk!! Shhhh!! We were at the dentist office from 9:45 until 1:30.

Then, swollen and grumpy, I drove the 2.5 hours to stay with Kaci this week. Our homeschool country is Italy and we’re looking forward to some Italian cuisine.

Oh, and I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. The 8 key pushes while you’re talking on it, making a loud BEEP. Then it randomly mutes the conversation. Who thought turning 50 would be this much fun? Plus, I miss my hubby.


2 responses to “On The Road Again

  1. Oh bless your heart!!!! This is no way to turn 50! Praying for some relief!

  2. I will be 50 next June. I am planning a big party for that day!

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