Weblink Wednesday – IKnowThat!

A favorite link of my kids is iknowthat

Each child can be registered, sign in and their own personalized projects are saved. Later they can go back and continue or review. The programs are self-paced and listed by grade level. There is a free version that has ads on the side, or you can purchase a membership. Subjects include: The Arts, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Thinking Games and Quiz Central. Check out SoCalVal’s blog for more useful links!


4 responses to “Weblink Wednesday – IKnowThat!

  1. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to dig into all these great sites that everyone has listed today on Weblink Wednesday!!!


  2. Oh I now that! hee hee!
    Thanks for sharing this site. It is a great idea.

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  3. Hehehe…seems we were thinking about the same thing as I made a iknowthat Weblink Wednesday to them, too!

  4. Looks great – I love having computer-based thing for the kids to use to sort of break up the bookwork and my reading to them! We’ll have to delve into that site.

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