Surgery Update

My surgery went well, no complications. Went in at 5:30 yesterday morning, into surgery at 7:30 and back to my room by 11:00. I have a wonderful OB-GYN and she kept my pain very much under control. (Thank you Dr. Lorri Dobbins, the BEST I’ve ever been to). I came home this afternoon and am just vegging out. Not too much activity. I am pretty sore and still fighting a head cold. But all in all, it wasn’t bad for a hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy. Thanks for the well wishes, calls, messages and prayers. I hope to be upright and rip roaring in the next few days.

5 responses to “Surgery Update

  1. I’m glad it that it went well and that it is OVER!! It’s good to have a Dr. that you trust!!

  2. Praising God for His protection! Continued prayers for your recovery.

  3. AMEN! Now to straighten yourself up and get on with it!


  4. What wonderful news! I have been praying for you many times a day…I am so glad God has kept you safe!

  5. Hello! I took the day off yesterday from blogging… and now I’m back to say hello to all my friends. Hope you have a great day today. I prayed for you…

    Just a reminder… if you want to request prayer this week, don’t forget my Prayer Request Sunday post. It will be up tonight for you.


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