Monday – again?

I got a full release from my Dr. today and am feeling great. Keith flies in on Wednesday and we’ll drive back to Illinois on Saturday. It is wonderful spending time with the kids and grandbabies, but I’m ready to be home.

Funny to share. No school this week. I had suggested we do a unit study about Thanksgiving (and still plan to read the kids a short book about the history), but the kids wanted a real break. So I agreed we’ll take the week off as planned – NO SCHOOL.

So all day today, with Kali and Braden, they played……SCHOOL.

Go figure.


2 responses to “Monday – again?

  1. Sophie is getting big! Glad you are doing well. Keith said you will come back Sunday, but you think you will be coming on Saturday already? It is raining, just had a big down pour and Thunder.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Maria

  2. Great news! I am thrilled to hear the Dr’s report! And good for you all to take a much deserved break! You can do Thanksgiving any year!

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