Bubble Bath

While staying with Lori, I had the pleasure of spending my days with Miss Kelsey Grace.  She will be one by the new year and while we were playing in the floor with her mom videotaping, she just happened to take a few steps!  I haven’t seen the tape, but can just imagine the background sounds of excitement!

Blessed with a happy, laid back temperament, there are a few things Kelsey insists on doing “her way”.   She will eat from a spoon on occasion, but prefers to 2-finger each item, smush it a little, then aim for her mouth.  She’s actually quite good with cereal, but peas and carrots make nice hair gel.  And yes, she does have hair.  Some.  Well, a little some.

She also prefers to take a bath on her momma’s lap.   The dilemma I was faced with – I let her make a face mask of bananas, her mom wasn’t home and I was on bath restriction.  Soooo, we improvised in the kitchen sink.

She is also happiest when she conquers those climbing obstacles.  To be QUEEN OF THE HILL, you have to maneuver your way to the top and sit on your opponent.

It is always a blessing to spend time with my grandbabies!  Although my 9 and 11 year old are “Aunt and Uncle”, they are more like cousins and enjoy being together.


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