The Nativity

We’re studying Christmas Around The World during December and yesterday the kids decided they wanted to make a nativity set. We have several in our collection and I thought it would be a great keepsake, as well as some busy work for the kids since the weather is cold and wet. Flour, salt and alum (don’t mistake for cookie dough!) made a nice molding clay and the kids set to work.

Lexi: Mary has to be fatter, she just had a baby!

Nicholas: Mom, was there a pig in the stable? My sheep looks like a pig.

Lexi: The head won’t stay on the wiseman, poke your thumb in his neck.

Nicholas: No, that’s not a wiseman, it’s a camel.

Lexi: Nicholas, this isn’t Noah’s Ark – we need THREE wisemen and a Joseph.

Nicholas: How about two wiseman and a llama?

Work in progress, stay tuned…..


9 responses to “The Nativity

  1. Thank you for sharing your craft ideas. Have a blessed & stress-free December.

    Speaking from the Heart

  2. Their conversations were really funny – looks like they’re having a lot of fun though.

  3. Oh that is way too cute!
    I am laughing too hard to type! Really They are so cute!
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  4. LOL! Love their conversation while making their nativity! What a good idea.

  5. That was cute, the kids wanted to know why I was laughing at the computer. Sounds like our type of conversation’s too. Have a blessed weekend.


  6. Oh, I’m in stitches giggling over this! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m glad I got to “meet” you and get this little peek into your family life.

  7. Neat and FUN. Let me know when you all finish it !!! I would love to see it. What a great winter idea. [ 0=

    Blessings in Him<

  8. Hahahaha…too funny!
    You’ve been busy with so much fun Christmas stuff. I’m ready to be done with school for our break so we can start our fun stuff!!!

  9. What a darling idea! I can’t wait to see the finished production!

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