Snowmen Toes

Tomorrow night is the Christmas Party at our church and everyone is bringing a snack food or dessert. I got this neat Snowman cake pan from Lori for Christmas a couple of years ago and am itching to use it. Again. We saw it in Williams-Sonoma and I immediately fell in love. The first time I made it was a disaster. I used a box cake mix and canned icing and it promptly looked like a southern snowman – melted mud with some recognizable features. Maybe.

I decided to try it again this year, doing a couple of things different. There is a cake recipe that came with the pan. I’m a tad concerned because the first ingredient is 32 Tbs butter,  and then there’s the frosting that calls for 32 Tbs butter. That, my friends is 4, count ém, FOUR cups, or eight sticks of butter. YIKES! I’ll post a picture of the final production. Or not.

In case I have another disaster wasting 64 Tbs of butter, the kids came up with a back up. They made marshmallow-candy-cane snowmen.

While they were being so creatively cute, I slipped into the bedroom to admire my pedicure, compliments of MrD – and accompanied by an hour long Swedish massage. It was a Valentine’s gift and I picked the perfect day to kick back and relax. MrD had a day off to hang with the kids, the weather was crisp and cold, and I was in the mood! Even Max and Sophie think my toes are beautiful!


One response to “Snowmen Toes

  1. You definitely have gorgeous toes! 😉 I have to make those snowmen for our extended family Christmas party next weekend. SO CUTE!


    PS: Got the Christmas card…it was PRECIOUS! Thanks for thinking of us, toots!

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