Undiagnosed Diagnosis

Kaci called me and suggested OCD. My husband said “You did not just do that”. Here I was all fat and happy with my organizational achievement. You see, I methodically took down all of my Christmas decorations, by room, boxed them carefully, labeled the container and made a list. What’s wrong with that?

Next year when the decorations come out of the attic, instead of searching through 23 totes for the garland that goes up first, I’ll know it is in Lg Red Tote #16. Or if I want the matching snowman and hand towels for the hall bath, I’ll pick Clear Tote w/Red Lid #7. I transferred my list to an Excel spreadsheet, printed it and taped it to the back of my November 2008 organizing calendar. Good idea, huh!

It’s not like I spent money, we already had the red containers – I would NOT want to find Halloween mixed in my Christmas (the Fall totes are orange!). Or Easter (gray). My hubby is visual, I’m thinking of him up there in the attic searching for the pumpkins in those old cardboard boxes labeled KITCHEN, BOOKS, HALL CLOSET. He would feel frustrated and unloved if I didn’t take care of him this way.

AND…..the movers broke a couple of my ornaments last year, so I wanted to be sure everything was properly secured in the event God answers my prayers to move back home to Oklahoma. I have lots of reasons for my organizational dysfunction. Yes, I do.


5 responses to “Undiagnosed Diagnosis

  1. inconvenientblogger

    Nothing wrong with having the Christmas stuff all organized. What troubles me is that I haven’t done mine yet, as we’re in the midst of construction in the dining area. I DID take that stuff down, but the husband needs to go into the attic to get my GREEN bins down. HAHAHA! I don’t think I’ll ever be as anal, uh, organized as you, though!!

  2. LOLOL Um, ok. I admire your organization and dedication, but yes..I agree with Kaci. A tad, er, a LOT OCD. Very smart, though.

  3. I am loving this…but of course, I have selective OCD as well! Keep right on feeling happy about it….

  4. ishouldbedoinglaundry

    LMBO, I did this as well! My totes are green and red, labeled and in the attic.

  5. I am unworthy. Gaw!

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