Here’s Your Sign!


This graphic represents the series of messages, ALL IN, being delivered at our church, Lifepoint, starting this upcoming Sunday.

Whether you have been dealt a great hand or a lousy hand in your life, how you play your cards is important. We often find ourselves up against the odds. So how do you stand fearless when there’s so much at stake? Be inspired by accounts from God’s word about average people who became champions and overcame insurmountable odds. Do you have what it takes to go ALL IN? Starting in January, experience “ALL IN” and see how you can make your life count.

Now, depending on how well you know me, that would either make you smile or make you worry! We notice that card. My kids point still point out the A.C.E., whether it is a muffler shop or advertising a casino. My grandaughter decorated me a bar of FACE soap. Is this a well-timed coincidence? Or is it a less than subliminal message from the heavens? Well, I’ll be there and payin’ attention!

In case you don’t know…..and since I don’t want to be bombarded with Google stalkers, I’m not posting the celebrity’s NAME that I had an obsession with, but I will show you the residual evidence that I really did go off the deep end.

[rockyou id=97777216&w=426&h=319]


I’m not sure how long this series will last, but I can attend in full uniform for many weeks.

Don’t worry, that part of my life is a distant, albeit a fun and enjoyable memory. I’m ready for All In – and can’t think of a better devotion for my A.C.E. attire! Rock on!


One response to “Here’s Your Sign!

  1. inconvenientblogger

    no more fun times with the boy? I’m not ready to give that up, but I’m not stopping my life waiting for the next big trip. Life goes on…Doesn’t he have a song about that??

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