From Kaci

From Kaci

 My son, Braden, was admitted to the hospital yesterday with pneumonia. His chest x-rays this morning were worse than yesterdays, so they did a CT Scan. It showed his right lung completely full of fluid with fluid around the outside as well. After the Dr.’s looked at the CT Scan, they decided that he will have to have chest tubes put in to drain the fluid. He is scheduled to go into surgery in the morning around 11am. Please keep him in your prayers. I will send an update tomorrow after his surgery.

Thank you for all of your prayers.


From me– thanks for your prayers.  We got to Tulsa about 12:30AM and kissed Brad, Kaci and Braden briefly.  He looked so small and helpless.   He was on oxygen, had an IV and the OSAT lighting up his left sock (his McQueen red foot).  We didn’t stay long, it is another :45 minutes to Kaci’s house.  We fell into bed at 3:00.    Today we tried to do some normal “stuff”, getting school work caught up.  Tomorrow will be a stressful day until Braden’s out of ICU.   Please continue to ask God for healing and comfort.  In His Name.  



One response to “From Kaci

  1. OMG, Kim! ((Braden)) I’m going to pray for him like crazy tonight. That’s so scary. I’m sure he’s in good hands. Keep us updated.

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