Update on Braden

 From Kaci –

Braden had surgery today and had a chest tube put in to drain the fluid off his lung. The surgeon said everything went well.  He is still running a high fever and is in quite a bit of pain, but that is to be expected for at least a few days. Hopefully it will drain like it is supposed to and he will only have the drain tube in for 2-3 days. Please keep him in your prayers. I will keep you updated on his progress. Thanks!!
From me –
Exhausting day.  Braden was such a brave little guy.  He wasn’t quite sedated when they wheeled him away from Kaci and Brad.  He was in surgery less than an hour, but including prep and recovery it was a couple of hours.   He is still getting some sedation, but needs to cough or cry to help loosen the mucous and help get it secreting.  The drain tube is in his side, underneath his arm and he’s taped like a mummy to keep him from dislodging it.  He is resting well, but when he stirs he’s obviously hurting.  It’s hard to watch.   I kissed his little head, willing the pain to tranfer from his little body to mine – didn’t work.   Logically the worst is behind us, but it sure seems like his hard part just keeps going on.  I cannot wait to see his little bruised shins again from nose diving onto his car bed, or his beautiful blue eyes twinkling as he vroom vroom’s his cars around the floor.  

4 responses to “Update on Braden

  1. ishouldbedoinglaundry

    We are praying for him Kim. Please continue to keep us updated.

    Love and Prayers, Kim

  2. I am thinking of & pryaing for my baby boy Braden. I hate that he is going through this. My heart just aches.
    Keep strong Kaci & Brad. Braden will be back to normal in no time…. I just know it!!!
    Love you guys

  3. Oh dear! I haven’t been reading blogs all week, what a nightmare!@ I will keep all of you in our prayers…

    Please make sure Kaci switches doctors…some are so arrogant they just don’t trust a mother’s instincts!!

  4. I hadn’t read all week, either! My prayers are going out and Mother Crone is right – change doctors. The best ones know that moms know their kids.

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