Presidential Candidates

As I plot a course to teach my kids how America elects her President, I’ve been reading blogs and websites.  We’re going to track the course of the election starting with the primaries and caucuses – examine the candidates – review the issues – and learn about our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States.    Because we’re not easily pigeon holed as REPUBLICANS or DEMOCRATS, we’re not limiting our choices to one party. 

My absolute favorite website find is:  Glassbooth Election 2008.  It breaks down the most significant issues and and each candidate’s stand, and more!   We will be going through this over the next few week in great detail.   We need  be prepared for our Super Tuesday vote!

I tried to outline the fundamental difference in the major parties, and  failed miserably.  Even on the web, finding a non-biased definition that fits 2008 has been futile.   Possibly too complex in today’s society to simplify and explain to elementary age students (or their middle-age mama).  


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