CATW – Mexico

We’re back in the groove of school. After the holidays we moved to The Americas. This week we’re visiting Mexico and we overdid it at the library. We just couldn’t decide on a couple of books, so we brought home a bunch. From Josefiná (American Girl) to Cinco dé Mayo to Mexican Folktales. One of our favorite book series is “A Kaleidoscope Kids Book“. We are enjoying Mexico! and plan to make tortillas and a heddle loom this week.

On the political front, we went to the voter registration desk at our library. The kids reviewed the form and documentation required to prove citizenship. This lead to discussion about rights. Of course my kids think there should be no age limitation on voting. Knowing the time they’re spending researching each candidate, they may actually be more informed than most legally registered voters. I decided not to leave out the issue of abortion and have cautiously opened that discussion. Like me, my kids had an immediate reaction, but carefully listened to the debated “options”.

Our copywork this week was to transfer a favorite recipe to our 4×6 card file. Nicholas, who has the tendency to look for the shortest distance between two points, picked “Parmesan Chicken”, something he has never eaten. Noticing his shorthand, I put the cookbooks away and announced they could each make their recipe for dinner. Do you know what 1 2 c flour is? He “thought” it was twelve cups, so had to do a little research. After repairing his writing in numerous places, he was able to skillet fry parmesan coated chicken breasts! He chose cooked corn, crescent rolls and pan gravy to round out his carb-loaded supper. It was delicious.


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