One of my strengths is organization, although you couldn’t tell by my house right now.   I’d probably qualify for one of those up-front parking places with my quirky brain functions.  Envision jagged OCD with early onset Alzheimer’s.  That’s my self-diagnosis and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, one thing I tend to categorize is groups of people and when you take it down to the lowest common denominator, I’m typically WRONG!    One example:  “Homeschoolers”  They wear dresses, sit at the kitchen table happily learning algebra when the kids are 7, no television, a couple of goats grazing in the yard,  have 12 kids, use big words like sabbath or pharisee and know Zephaniah is a book in the Bible.  

Now there MIGHT be some homeschoolers like that, but I don’t know where my mental image came from.  It does seem others share it though.   Now that I’m a homeschooler, I tend to be surprised to see they’re really just “normal” people.   We do tend to bend pages for bookmarks, fight over couch space, watch American Idol religiously and eat at McDonalds.   The Bible is a part of our day, we go to church and have family dinner every night.  So, categorically “normal”.

Same for “Christians”.  I think I’ve avoided that title for years because I don’t want to be a holy roller, that upper tier of condescending, judgmental know it all Bible people.   I didn’t think I’d ever qualify because I can only find Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in my Bible, but I did put tabs on the chapters!   Christians live in FEAR of God’s wrath wrapped up in the FIRE and BRIMSTONE,  HELL and DAMNATION.   I’ve actually avoided friendships with religious people lest my total ignorance and failures be revealed.

Now their MIGHT be Christians like that, and I KNOW where my mental image came from.  But I’ve learned a few things.  MY relationship with God defies labels.  I’m never, ever scared that the fires of hell are licking at my heels.   My biggest fear is that I appear “preachy”.  When you finally get it figured out, you really want that for everyone.  Giving my .02 cents worth has never been a problem for me, but when you want to balance your words with God’s love, it can come across wrong if you’re not careful.   

Now, this doesn’t mean I have moved up the ladder whatsoever.  In fact I still teeter on the rungs.  I watch too much TV, say naughty words, think mean thoughts while mentally filing useless information and don’t always set a good example.  What I’ve learned is that I can’t earn my way to Heaven.  He doesn’t expect me to be perfect.  He may shake His head and roll His eyes, but He always loves and forgives me.  Wow!


3 responses to “Stereotypes

  1. LOL literally @ your mental image of homeschooled kids! I had that same image until you!

  2. That was a very well done post. I have a fear over hyper-religious preacher types. That may sound funny – but it’s true.

  3. ):/ And just WHAT is wrong with bending page corners for bookmarks? Hmmm?!

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