Mrs Neat Freak Not

A while back we were asked to share how we organized our family activities. For the family, I use a calendar that hangs on the side of the fridge. I posted about it here.

While I appreciate the compliments and kudos for my neat and orderly desk, I feel really guilty for my silent acceptance. While I am overly organized, it is more mental than physical. I can have a total mess and be at peace because *I* know what is where. So, my friends, this is what my desk looks like when it’s not in a planned photo shoot.

The desk happens to be designated as THE PLACE for anything not to be thrown away. Stuff Mom needs to look at. Things Max the Cat might need to check out. I’d suggest I need a bigger desk, but the Mr would just shake his head and roll his eyes. My stuff swells to fit the space available. That said, I get really anxious when there is clutter all over the house. So….just put it on the desk. Problem solved!


5 responses to “Mrs Neat Freak Not

  1. Me too! My desk seems to be a dumping ground. I have the same Mom calendar and my kitty is also a tuxedo – although a short haired one.

  2. Kim,
    I left you a comment about your rag quilt, the baby one.. I bought the fabric to make it and when I went back to your site it was already changed around (I waited to long lol), and was wondering if you could send me the instruction on making it? Thank you so much!

  3. I like the big black and white cat on your desk. I think me adds the extra touch to it, lol

  4. I hear hoarding is often a specific symptom of OCD …LOL. Love you!!

  5. LOL I love your honesty.

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