My True Love

Challenged by Smallwood to post our love story along with a sappy picture, I’m calling up  recent  memories of when I first noticed MrD was such a hot cutie in 1989.  Then I’ll fast forward several years to our wedding day.

Choosing St. Patrick’s Day, we took the girls, Lori, 14 and Kaci,12 on a ski trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.   It was a combined spring break, wedding, vacation, honeymoon.  My gown was jeans and a ski sweater.  Our only wedding picture was taken beneath a moose head.  I kid you not.  It’s the only evidence I have.   One day I’ll share the story of our romantic moonlight sleigh ride that was the “highlight” of our week.

MrD and Mrs D++ and Moose

Lori, Keith and Kaci – 1993

 Nicholas, Keith and Lexi – last year

(thought the likeness was just too cool not to share!)


3 responses to “My True Love

  1. Wonderful story from the Valentine’s post, and the moose picture is absolutely perfect!! Thanks for playing!

  2. what a great love story. you and mr. d seem like a very happy couple.

  3. What a great story! As I’ve been reading all these posts, I keep being amazed at how God formed some great marriages out of couples who didn’t seem to “go” together.

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