It’s the Real Thing

Inspired by Bob and Doug, I’m going to reach for GOD instead of DIET COKE to quench my “thirst”. I’ve tried to cut back and even give it up before, unsuccessfully. My body craves it. They say it takes 21 days to replace one habit with another. Lent is 40 days, skipping Sundays, and ends the day before Easter. My goal is to reach out to God as quickly as I pop the top of a coke.

I’m a few days late starting, so I’m slurping down the last of the one sitting beside me and will give up Diet Coke for Lent. 1-2-3-GO.


2 responses to “It’s the Real Thing

  1. Good luck! I gave up coffee and so far, so good. I will keep you in my prayers if you keep me in yours.

  2. Impressive. I am sure I *could give up my diet sodas, but not sure those around me would want me to.

    What will you be replacing it with?

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