For the cause….

Thinking I felt much better, yesterday I went to Lexi’s basketball game, came home and crashed. Today I am a little less thick-headed and have had enough of my view from the couch so I decided to make it a productive day. We went to church, Lexi and I ran to Target to get some organizers for her bedroom, I went to the grocery store and after a short rest we’ll go to our LifeGroup gathering tonight.

This week I’ve been doing without my diet Coke. Although I’m thoroughly convinced this corrosive-battery-acid-in-a-can would dissolve the crud in my throat, I have not weakened. I’m thinking God’s really testing my resolve, so I’m sipping hot tea, coffee, water, and may try Drano if I’m not well soon. The kids wanted to participate, so I had them think about it overnight, pray about it and Nicholas has put away his video games. Lexi has given up all computer play that isn’t school-work related.

Bob talked in church this morning about feeling united with others, knowing you share a common bond. Relationships. Bob gave up french fries for Lent. I’m one who understands this carb-love, because I can consider a meal could be a baked potato with a side order of fries.

Bob is a “connoisseur” of french fries. Today he even inhaled imagined french fry smell. I left church motivated! After Target I got me some Burger King French Fries in honor of Bob. I particularly like the limp, greasy ones that come with onion burgers. They weren’t complete without a diet coke. 😦

But you know, he’s right. It is all about relationships. I have many friends with different degrees of relationship. Some from childhood, some from being a mom, I have friends I met at work, friends I simply share a love of french fries with. I need them every one.

3 responses to “For the cause….

  1. I’m just praying that God never challenges me to give up coffee. I’m praying hard.

  2. Your sense of humor is AWESOME! Good deal on the soda. I “accidentally” blew it last night at Lifepgroup…. I bough Ginger Ale for myself, thinking this was NOT soda…. apparently, Ginger Ale IS soda…… RATS!

  3. I gave up Diet Coke for both of my pregnancies, so I figure that covers me for about 18 Lents. Every year, I really feel that God is calling me to give up cooking for Lent, but my family strongly disagrees. Dang that 3-meals-a-day habit!

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