Day Off

Yesterday the four of us had planned a field trip to The St. Louis City Museum. Because of a winter storm alert, our trip had to be rescheduled. So instead, we slept in and had a lazy morning listening to the sleet pelt the windows.

Keith recently won a contest at church and the prize was movie coupons and dinner. Unable to just sit home, we ventured the mile down the road and saw “Fool’s Gold” with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. It was one of those fun-filled, boy-gets-pounded, gets-girl, gets-rich movies that make you laugh out loud. The best part was believing we were in the sunshine-y, warm weather for 113 minutes!

We went around the block and ate at Red Robin, which served as a late lunch/early dinner. This meant NO COOKING for me! It was nice having Keith home for the day. We spent the evening running tests on my laptop. It has been having some issues lately and my warranty expires in May. So I’m cleaning and backing up, deleting and saving, waiting for a new hard-drive.


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