Half of Me

For years I maintained an on-line weight loss journal. I closed it when I moved my website. Because I still get e-mails and have friends making their personal journey, I felt the need to continue to share. Instead of putting it back together, I’ve updated my page at ObesityHelp.com. The link is:

Kim’s Weight Loss Journal

I have some other files I may move, but think all the pertinent information is there.



3 responses to “Half of Me

  1. You look great! I’m working my way down to 135 as well. I was 201 at the beginning of last year and am currently in the 150s. Thanks for the inspiration that I can keep going!

  2. Angela, MotherCrone

    Fabulous! How wonderful, and definitely something to be proud of!

  3. I’m going to put a link to this on my WeighDownes Blog! We need the encouragement!

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