Wacked Wednesday – Part 2

TV or NOT TV. I have been wrestling with the amount of television we watch. That’s one issue. The second, our big-screen television has been gradually dying over the last year. My good momma voice says “get rid of the television and read more”.  My realistic momma voice says “just keep one in our bedroom for special use, and for Oprah and American Idol”. My husband’s voice says “Uh NO!”. My kids voices say “Moooooommmmmmmmmmmm!!”. So I’ve been trying to find a balance.  I’ve prayed about it.

This week our big TV decided to start flickering, in addition to last year’s purple streaks across the top and a yellow band down the side (that we don’t even notice anymore). When anyone comes to our house they say “What’s with those colors on your TV?”  We all say, “Huh?”. However the flickering is like fingernails screeching on a chalkboard to me. Are you seeing the pattern here?

So, yesterday I decided to rearrange furniture and I rolled the big television OUT of the living room, moved the couch, had the chairs in the middle of the floor, made some stacks of books I needed to put away, pulled out the vacuum cleaner, and then LEFT THE HOUSE to take the kids to music lessons.

I called to check on MrD who has had a stomach bug ever since getting over the flu bug.  He has chosen this day to come home from work early and was hoping to veg.  Instead, he’s wondering if we’re moving and forgot to tell him.   The TV is unplugged and in the hall and he is like a mother monkey when there is a mess.  It makes him squirmy and he can’t quash the urge to be busy.  (note:  MrD is in total denial about this affliction)

I enlightened him what I was thinking, told him I wasn’t through thinking and might do something entirely different, then begged him to take Lexi to her lesson so I could come home and deal with my newly acquired rolling stomach.   We traded kids and I promptly curled up and fell asleep while watching Oprah.


My eyes flew open as I tried to reconcile the sounds of my spouse and children with the obvious thumping of something heavy hitting something non-movable.

This view is down our staircase.

This is was our television.



Did you know the inside is hollow after all the glass breaks?

There was no blood, no broken bones and no real harm done.    The moral to this story:  wake Mom up before moving furniture up or down stairs.  She is a wimp, but sturdier than an 80 lb, 11.25 year old little boy  he-man.   Waking up to a wrecking-ball in the house does not cure a skitzy tummy.

And today I have a headache, I brushed my teeth with face wash and my living room still looks like a tornado hit.   I will pay big money for a diet coke, rum and coke OK, sweet tea and some chocolate.


4 responses to “Wacked Wednesday – Part 2

  1. OOPS!!!!!!!!

  2. YIKES! That settles that!

    Last week, while turning the TV I have in my kitchen, I hit the nice shelf above it, which is part of the cabinetry we put in a few years back. As I was rinsing a few dishes and hubby stood next to me, suddenly everything from that shelf came tumbling down. A nice ceramic plate and a rooster that was hubby’s grandmother’s felt to a million little pieces, while cookbooks went flying. We stood with our mouths open! The heat of the little tv had warped the shelf and I gave it the final push it needed to dislodge and fall to its ruin. I still don’t know what to make of it. Now I need a new shelf and to spend money on more chatchkes – maybe…

  3. Any blog with the word”squirmy” is a good one! I know some guys who are good and willing to help move heavy stuff….. Did I mention I’m out of town?

  4. Oh goooooooodness. Well, hey, at least the decision is made for ya.

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