Dell Dilemna

I bought my laptop a couple of years ago and chose the “bumper to bumper” 3 year warranty. It can’t get any better than that, right? Lately it has been acting like our late television, skizzing out with screen freezing and taking forever to load. I’ve cleaned, deleted, removed, uninstalled and organized – with no noticeable results.

Hello, Dell?

Dear Miss Kim: Do all this stuff and call me in the morning.

Hello, Dell?

Dear Miss Kim: Do some more stuff and call me in the morning.

Hello Dell?

Dear Miss Kim: We’ll send you a new power cord.

HUH? I am really good with a lot of software, but I purchased the warranty for, like, YOU to figure out and FIX what is wrong. Dummy that I am, I don’t quite think the POWER CORD has anything to so with, well, ANYTHING.

Dear Miss Kim: OK, we’ll send you a new hard drive. Don’t use your resource disc, download a new set of drivers, but don’t download ones you don’t need or they’ll cause problems. You have 5 days to do this or we’ll charge you big dollars.

On the Dell Driver Download page that links to my model, there are several dozen choices, none of which jump to my attention and say “Pick me! Pick me!”. Einey, meiney, miney…. This cannot be right.

So, I’ll avoid that for 4.5 more days. In the meantime, I clicked on the “Files and Settings Transfer Wizard”, plugged in my little flash drive and proceeded to save what few pictures and documents that remain on my computer. It was slow, so I went to bed. This morning there is a little note on my screen: “To continue saving, you will need 1528 floppy discs. Please insert Disc 1 at this time”.

If I need to throw this laptop down the stairs, I want to do it BEFORE we repair the sheet rock from untimely death of our television set. Suggestions?


One response to “Dell Dilemna

  1. You remind me that I have been meaning to transfer all of my pictures and silliness to the flash key that I bought with my Dell several years ago. I have NEVER used it and my fear is that the Dell will crash and with it the memories of the past few years. Thinking I may have a new project for this weekend.

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