Having Cake

One of my blogging mentors, OMSH, featured her budding cake decorator in THIS  blog post.   It brought back memories of my up-and-coming creative cook, Nicholas.  His scout troop in Oklahoma had a yearly jamboree and one of the events was a cake decorating contest.   The theme was “Western” and this was his entry:


He mixed up a chocolate cake and poured it in a rectangle shaped pan.  I covered the baking duties (HOT was not a deterrent to my 9 year old son).    He carved out a neck and used that little V shape to make the ears.  Then he rounded off the nose and ate the excess.   After getting the cake, arms including elbows and kitchen curtains covered with chocolate frosting, he made a mane using a zip lock bag filled with white icing.

 He used a jellybean for the nose and if you look closely you’ll see big chocolate LIPS on this steed.  Nicholas knew he had saved them in his Halloween stash for some special reason.  He twisted (sort of braided) some licorice strings together to make the reins.

His cake was a big hit.  He got a first place trophy.  He had some stiff competition., however his cake was the BEST entry submitted and 99% created by a 9 year old boy scout.   He was very proud and still  loves to tell people about his talent as a cake-decorator.


2 responses to “Having Cake

  1. OH! That is excellent!! I think the lips and licorice were great touches. 🙂

    He does look proud. Man how I love to see kids beam from a job well done.

  2. That is just so cute!

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