Two friends in my real world have actually admitted to reading the stuff I write here. I didn’t even have to post their 6th grade fashion statement to get them here! While I try to behave in church, I try to keep my blog true to my mental floundering. I actually wish everyone would know the outside and inner “me”. There’s a post brewing in my brain that is really real, really revealing and I’m waiting for the words to come.

Anyways – here are a couple of links I promised: – assessing your beliefs, how the Presidential candidates measure up and looking at what they have to say about key issues.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks – This is a step-by-step recipe/cooking blog that you can’t go wrong with. Pick a recipe. (Click on ARCHIVES, take a look at MAN PLEASERS). Buy the ingredients. Look at the pictures and cook. I think I’ve made every recipe except the tiramisu. That is a Lifegroup in the near future project!



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  1. Thanks for the links!!

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