For Tricia

If you haven’t met and Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth yet, please visit their blog. Tricia has CF and is awaiting a lung transplant. Their path veered off their anticipated course with a surprise and joyful addition to their family. Gwyneth is now 2 months old and ALMOST 2 pounds big.

Because we tend to take so many things for granted, ApplePieMom has challenged us to name a few joys we can’t wait for Tricia to experience. With kids from 10 to 30, my list exceeds childhood.

Tricia, I wish you joy when:

  • Participating in the birth of your grandbabies.
  • Stressing over ink color for wedding invitations.
  • Watching her decorate her dorm room in college.
  • Mapping a route for prom dress shopping.
  • Transitioning from underoos to Victoria’s Secret.
  • Shedding quiet tears of pride at her piano recital.
  • Finding dirty socks in your coat pockets.
  • Painting toenails.
  • Giggling under the covers



5 responses to “For Tricia

  1. Thank you!

    Nate (CFHusband)

  2. I linked to your blog from your comment you left for Tricia. I read your list and couldn’t help but have a huge smile come to my face knowing those are things that I have to look forward to as well. (My daughter is two and a half.) Thanks!!!

  3. Oh, my goodness. When I started this thing, I didn’t realize how much God was going to use it to bless me too! I cannot comment on every site, but I had to comment on yours. It brought tears to my eyes to see things that I have to look forward to with my baby girl. God is so good!

  4. :*) Tears! I needed to read this to help me appreciate Laken this morning. Believe me.


  5. Glad to see you back blogging. Guess your computer problems are fixed…?

    The above is a great list for anyone to ponder!

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