Honey, about that $4,300….

I’m going to throw this out here.  What is it with Mrs. Governor Spitzer (and Dina McGreevy or even Hillary)?  I’m just an outsider looking in, but I am completely bumfuzzled about the ability of these wives who publicly stand beside partners who have so blatantly violated their trust and love.  And that of their children.

Not to say I would abandon the man I had built a family with, but I simply could not stand beside him in front of people while he mumbled anything from a denial to a half-a*sed apology – all the while continuing to posture for public position.    Sorry Mr. Governor, but you would need to stand alone and face the music, then come home to begin repairing the shattered aftermath.

The arrogance and hypocrisy of Eliot Spitzer is astounding.  HIS position should be to protect and shield his wife, not drag her out in a public display of feigned unity.   This repeated image just doesn’t sit well with my heart.   I realize that many marriages survive infidelity, and what a feat that is.  With God’s help, it would be a slow journey back to regain forgiveness, trust and respect.

These bogus political photo shoots and sound bites seem desperate to me – and they diminish the beauty, grace and honor of these women.



6 responses to “Honey, about that $4,300….

  1. That’s why Donna Hanover was my hero. You didn’t get any whitewashed appearances from her. She told the truth – Rudy was fooling around and it wasn’t okay with her. She’s the only one who stood up for herself and called a spade a spade. I don’t respect women like Hillary or these others that remain standing by their man while he gets a pat on the back for being a good ol’ boy. Well, Spitzer may not get away with it so easily and that’s just too bad, isn’t it. And meanwhile, I think of the poor children that are wounded by these terrible excuses for fathers! I wouldn’t be so quick to forgive the infidelity. Men don’t forgive it, but women are always softer. I sure hope it was worth the $5,000 to have your life and your career totally trashed!

  2. Angela, MotherCrone

    I totally agree. There are far more important things than public image, and the fact that a forced photo op takes precedent makes my skin crawl. The honorable thing would definitely to have made a statement about how he shamed his family, and would not cause further harm by asking them to deal with this publically, but alas, he is an ass. I always felt the only reason Hilary did it was because she was already viewing the marriage as a political vehicle.

  3. Well said! I totally agree with what I see as a very honest and balanced evaluation. By the way, I’ll be using “bumfuzzled ” soon….

  4. I guess they’re there to send a subliminal message that what these men did wasn’t really that bad, they’re still family men, their wives are still sticking with them and able to forgive them, so why can’t you? I never get that message though; I always wonder if they have an agreement about such things. Maybe I have a dirty mind. I just can’t imagine any self-respecting woman actually getting up there in public with her husband after he’d lied to her and broken their agreement. Then again, maybe they view it from a financial angle, that he’ll lose his source of income if she doesn’t help him.

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